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West County Ride – Occidental To The Ocean

Yesterday, Saturday January 10th 2015, Andy and I agreed to meet at Fulton Rd on the Joe Rodota trail, in the flats, half way between Santa Rosa and Sebastopol at 7:15 am for about a five hour ride. Andy rides from his house in Santa Rosa about 8 miles, I drive in my warm car; Andy is from Wisconsin, I, a California boy. I get to our meeting spot a few minutes before Andy and am trying to get acclimated to the foggy, 40 degree temp. When Andy shows up the dew and moisture is dripping off his helmet, he looks cold / it is cold. You try and dress for the elements gloves, face mask, 4 layers, toe covers but it is still cold. Why did I get out of bed to do this??
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The Grapes in Fall

The grapes of 2014 have been picked and the wine has been made. How the 2014 vintage will turn out and how it will rank, only time will tell. But the winemakers I’ve talked with say that 2014 could be a special. Why? Because of the drought. This past rain season, November 1st. 2013 to April 1st 2014, we were to get 35 inches and we got 5. Grapes / the vines get their water through their roots and because the ground water was non-existent in the soil, the grapes had less water in them creating a more concentration of flavor. What mother nature provided or didn’t provide will show up in the wine. The colors in the vineyards after harvest have been spectacular!